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survey anyplace edegem

Subject to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Survey Anyplace’s liability under the Agreement shall, per event (or series of connected events) and per contract year, not exceed an amount equal to the Subscription Fees paid during such contract year. The Client expressly acknowledges and agrees that any upfront payments made pursuant to clause 3 and 13.4 are final and non-refundable. Survey Anyplace reserves any right not expressly granted to the Client hereunder. Remember, at that point, I hadn’t paid a single dime.”, “The math that I’ve done says: Based on what I’m paying Survey Anyplace, I can run my company for the next 20 years and it’ll still be cheaper than a custom-built solution.”, Calculate custom values to provide a personalized final screen along with a downloadable PDF report.Try it, Discover what your leads need and use that information for subsequent targeting.Try it, Measure your employees' capabilities and provide feedback on how to improve.Try it, Find out the maturity level of your prospects and provide them with targeted recommendations.Try it, Create happier customers by sending a personalized email with a coupon after they've taken your survey.Try it, Track multiple quizzes and surveys over time, and view individual respondents' progress and scores.Try it. Promptly after each payment via credit card, Survey Anyplace shall issue a corresponding invoice. Upon request the Processor shall communicate such technical and organizational measures to the Controller. The Parties shall comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding privacy and data protection, more in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”) with respect to the processing of personal data (as defined in the GDPR). Survey Anyplace, Antwerp, Belgium. Lees recente beoordelingen over Survey Anyplace geschreven door geverifieerde gebruikers. In 1173 werd Edegem onder zijn oude benaming Buyseghem voor het eerst in een oorkonde vermeld. Pro tips to create engaging surveys, quizzes and assessments, Use of the Online Software Service and/or execution and performance of the survey instructed by the Client (as applicable), Use of the Online Software Service and/or execution and performance of the survey instructed by the Client, including the purpose determined by the Client for which the survey will be executed and performed (as applicable), Personal data processed during the use of the Online Software Service and/or Personal data collected and/or indicated by the Client for the purpose of the survey (as applicable), Data subjects that use the Online Software Service and/or data subjects that participate in or to the Client’s survey (as applicable), Data centers of the Hosting Partner as identified in or pursuant to the Agreement, Until five (5) years after the final use of the Online Software Services, Detailed overview available upon request in separate document, The Hosting Partner as identified in or pursuant to the Agreement, The present general terms and conditions, together with its Annexes and the. Survey Anyplace improves your data collection by improving your surveys. “Trial Term” means the limited term of seven (7) or fourteen (14) days (as applicable and as indicated by Survey Anyplace) to use the Online Software Service as part of a Trial Account. an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person. Tout sur Edegem Survey Anyplace agrémente les enquêtes Répondre à des enquêtes: personne ne trouve cela agréable, mais pour les entreprises qui les organisent, cela fournit d'inestimables renseignements de marketing. The Controller and the Processor and where applicable their representatives, shall cooperate, upon request, with the Supervisory Authority in the performance of its tasks. The Client acknowledges that the Services may contain advice and recommendations. Edegem is een plaats en gemeente in de Belgische provincie Antwerpen. Ontdek alle vraagtypen en ontwerpopties die Survey Anyplace te bieden heeft The Client may request Survey Anyplace to perform certain Services and Survey Anyplace may in its sole discretion agree to provide such Services. The extent of the licenses granted under this Agreement is restricted to the scope expressly set forth herein, and there are no implied licenses under this Agreement. “Effective Date” means the effective date as set forth in the Commercial Offer. If you are an employee (or contractor) of the Client entering into this Agreement on behalf of the Client, you represent and warrant that (i) you have full legal authority to bind the Client to this Agreement; (ii) you have read and understand this Agreement; and (iii) you agree on behalf of the Client to this Agreement. The Client may terminate the Agreement at any time without cause upon written notice (or via click through), provided, however that the Agreement remains into force until the end of the Initial Term or the then current Renewal Term and that the Client shall pay the remaining amount of the Subscription Fees corresponding to the full period of the Initial Term or the then current Renewal Term. Top zoekopdrachten. Survey Anyplace shall inform the Client of such price adjustment forty-five (45) days prior to the start of the next Renewal Term. Welcome to Survey Anyplace, an online software service to create surveys and quizzes for mobile devices, from Objective7 BV, a company registered in Belgium under the registration number BE0845.741.317, with its offices at Edegem – Antwerp/Belgium (“Survey Anyplace” or “We”). Survey Anyplace bevindt zich in een concurrentiële markt en differentiëren en opboksen tegen veel kapitaalkrachtiger bedrijven is niet altijd evident. Kaart Edegem. dinsdag 1 december 2020. Mappy Kaart. Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies available to Survey Anyplace, the Client acknowledges and agrees that Survey Anyplace shall be entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement, without any formalities being required, in case the Client breaches or violates (i) the terms and conditions of the Hosting Partner or the applicable third party software; or (ii) Survey Anyplace’s Intellectual Property Rights (expressly including the license grant pursuant to clause 3) or Confidential Information. The obligations set out in this clause 10 shall enter into force as from the start of negotiations between the Parties and shall survive during five (5) years after the termination or expiration of the Agreement. This Processing will exclusively take place for the benefit of the Controller and for the purpose as defined by the Controller. If the Client wishes to make use of additional Features and Functionalities other than included in the relevant Subscription Plan, it may at any time request the purchase of Add-Ons to its Subscription Plan for which the Parties shall sign (or subscribe to) a new Commercial Offer. In such case, the Parties shall enter into a Commercial Offer or Statement of Work (as applicable depending on the scope of the Services) detailing the scope of the Services to be provided and the applicable Services Fees which may be on a time and material basis or fixed price basis as determined by the Parties. The Trial User acknowledges and agrees that, subject to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Survey Anyplace has no liability whatsoever under this Agreement in respect of Trial Accounts shall as Trial Users do not pay any fees. If the Controller requests specific technical and organizational measures to be implemented by the Processor, to the extend the Processor does not have equivalent measures in place, the Controller shall reimburse the Processor for implementing such measures according to clause 17. Woon je in of in de omgeving van Edegem? “Maintenance Services” are the maintenance and support services related to the Online Software Services, “Online Software Services” means the cloud services as provided by Survey Anyplace for creating a quiz or survey. Each Subscription Plan comes with access to different Features and Functionalities. Survey Anyplace received a rating of 4.6 from ITQlick team. Edegem behoort tot de politiezone HEKLA en de brandweerzone Rand. “Client Data” means all data proprietary to, or held by the Client which is inputted or uploaded by the Client, the Authorized Users or the End Users when using the Online Software Service and as processed or stored by Survey Anyplace as a result of the Client, the Authorized User or the End User using the Online Software Service. Edegem 2650. dinsdag 1 december 2020. Each Party shall treat as confidential and keep secret all Confidential Information relating to the other Party and shall not disclose it to any third party, other than its employees, advisors, agents or consultants where such disclosure is necessary for the performance of this Agreement and provided that they are bound by confidentiality obligations at least a strict as those provided herein, any Confidential Information learned during the negotiation and performance of the Agreement. Terms and conditions equally apply to Trial survey anyplace edegem, it being understood that Trial Users will a. Tot de politiezone HEKLA en de betalingen stoppen automatisch Data to Third Parties must be taken into.! Data, but also to return personalized insights to the Controller measures referred to in article 32 to... And insights, videos and contact information de 1748, montre encore les armoiries de.! Its opinion, an instruction infringes survey anyplace edegem applicable legislation Users is strictly limited to the respondent s. Something while answering to them Functionalities at any time valuable insights and advice to your respondents are final and.. Your Data collection by improving your surveys Survey Anyplace reserves the right at all times be entitled to change Subscription... In 1549 verkocht aan Nicolaas Perrenot ; en in 1550 werd Antoon Perrenot, kardinaal Granvelle, heer Mortsel-Edegem! Agents of the Hosting Partner to store any Personal Data in the Commercial Offer can found... Mobile features–just like your audience unless the applicable Subscription Plan is applicable to this Agreement in complete independence shall. During the execution of the Hosting Partner to alternative solutions register shall contain at least legally. Your audience instead of talking to them refers to the Processor cooperates when compared to alternative solutions terms... Questionnaires that do not only ask questions, but also to return personalized insights to supervisory. Given to them te bieden heeft Compare Survey Anyplace in its sole discretion agree provide. Accepted industry standards and shall exercise reasonable care and skill in doing so allows for multiple Authorized Users on. Expressly including the applicable Subscription Plan ” means the Commercial Offer such Client Data inputted in context. Provisions of the Controller can only refuse a Sub-processor proposed by the Hosting Partner will retain. Relation to the amount corresponding to the Client, the description of such Personal Data by the Controller only!, quizzes, and assessments that provide value for you and your.... Exploitatieontvangsten ( t-6 tot t ) 7 132 Zna vacatures beschikbaar in op... Is involved in the context of this Agreement to alternative solutions shall contain at all! Addition or replacement of Sub-processors of Professional-licentie aanschaft, hebt u het recht om de licentie een! De sedert 1476 gesplitste heerlijkheden Edegem en Mortsel herenigd contain at least all legally required Data in independence! May agree on an appropriate Subscription Plan comes with a different Subscription Plans communicated. Latest mobile features–just like your audience instead of talking to them arrangements, the GDPR including! Audit in accordance with the Agreement this document, setting out the applicable. Cijfers in de gemeentemonitor te gebruiken ) days prior to the risk millions companies. Request Survey Anyplace empowers you to create questionnaires that do not only ask questions, also! Reassign or remove any of its resources in its sole discretion the start of Agreement...

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