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ase a4 quizlet

As a rule of thumb, how often should clutch linkage adjustment be checked? C. A vehicle will tend to steer or drift to the side with the least amount of caster. Worn strut rod bushings would cause the caster angle to change during braking, also resulting in the vehicle pulling to that side. A poor wheel bearing will often make more noise when the load is amplified. Tech A says the best way to balance the tires is to mount them on the vehicle and use an on axle spin balancer. 16. Tech A points out that there is no arch at all in the rear leaf springs and says this indicates the springs are either worn out or broken. EBCS, ABS, TCS, & ESC. These are most likely from: C. Evidence of dark colored particles in the fluid usually indicates that rubber components like the hoses or seals are breaking down. What is the name of the driveline angle of the driveshaft from transmission to differential while the vehicle is stationary? What kind of bearing is the pilot bearing? A vehicle has front wheel shimmy at low speed and requires increased steering effort. Some are strictly gear driven. Steering play or looseness may occur if the rack to frame mounting bushings are worn, or if the inner or outer tie rod ends are loose. 9. Growl or whine that increases with vehicle speed. AWD drive vehicles are considered to be off road vehicles. Who is right? Who is right? 116 terms. A6 Electrical / Electronic Systems 60* 1½ hrs. The wheel speed sensor is used in ABS, traction control and stability control systems. For this reason the fork sometimes needs replacement. A vehicle with SLA suspension is being aligned. Tech A says that a power steering pump pulley should be pressed onto the pump shaft until it stops, to ensure proper pulley alignment. What is the purpose of detent notches and detent springs? By using adding or subtracting shims to the inner pinion bearing. The caster specs for the vehicle is 3.0 degrees. When the clutch is disengaged and the engine is running. No. The fluod becomes thicker, allowing greater drag/grab in high need situations. using the wrong fluid can result in leaks, swelled seals or serious system damage. The 4WD indicator light flashes and then remains solid after a shift has been made. 78. Who is right? The crankshaft and the input shaft are moving at different speeds. Flywheels are thick and sturdy to handle the friction process. These are notches and or paint marks. If the sensor is faulty, the PCM/ECM will not receive the signal and the engine will stall under the increased load. Unless a DTC put the car into limp mode. A loose power steering pump drive belt will create a similar condition. 14. A loose power steering pump belt and air could both cause power steering pump noise. Tech A says that the wheel bearings can be adjusted by tightening the nut while turning the hub , and then backing off the nut part of a turn. The tire installer noticed that the vehicle has some play in the left side inner tie rod end and informs the alignment Tech. They help keep the vehicle in the desired gear. Gear driven cases have more strength. Tech A says that there could be a restriction in the power steering pressure hose. B. An online ASE A4 Practice Test. Ball joints can be pressed, threaded or riveted onto control arms. Tech A says that too much positive camber could be the cause. 52. Shifting in that specific gear may be difficult. 51. What is it called when gearsets come without timing marks? Excessive steering wheel play is felt in the steering wheel on a manual steering system. 177 terms. B. Tech B says that The idler arm should be checked. A. The wheel alignment should be checked after the ball joint (or any suspension part) is replaced. B. A. A. moving the control arm toward the rear of the vehicle will increase caster. Use our free ASE practice tests to pass you exam and get your ASE certification. What is most likely the problem? (Scored) ASE A4 Quiz. Tech B says that the pull could be caused by worn right side strut rod bushings. The power steering control module regulate the degree of power assist based on inputs from a steering shaft torque sensor, steering wheel position sensor and vehicle speed sensor as well as the steering tuning programmed into the module. The alignment could also be incorrect which could cause tire wear. A vehicle with power steering has assist in only one direction. C)The diameter should be measured at two locations around the drum. Tech A says some hydraulic clutches can be manually adjusted. Page 2 aSe auto Maintenance & Light RePaiR Study guide Overview This guide is intended to help technicians study for the ASE Auto Maintenance & Light Repair Test (Test G1). After removing these items, the alignment tech realizes that the frame angle has increased by 1.5 degrees. Better torque. They are often made out of an aluminum alloy so they do not damage the synchronizer sleeve from constant contact. 19. A customer had new tires installed on his car 6000 miles ago and now wants them rotated. Most sets come with timing parks for proper alignment. Who is right? What do they contain? How do you know when the secondary seal has failed in the clutch master cylinder? How much torque is required to spin a viscous coupling? Both true. Incorrect SAI will cause changes in camber while turning and incorrect toe out will abrade tire rubber. All of the other sensors are used in electronically controlled suspension systems. Tech A says that this condition may be caused by corrosion in the steering linkage ball studs. The clutch master cylinder is leaking externally. Jan 01, 2018 Section 609 Credentials Required for Refrigerant Purchases. Tech says that this is normal on newer trucks and is not a cause for concern. At the same time as the pinion and ring gear backlash is checked. B. The direct measurement TPMS uses sensors mounted in each tire/wheel assembly that directly measure tire pressure. The included angle is equal to SAI plus camber and is not an adjustable angle. Choose from 500 different sets of ase test a5 flashcards on Quizlet. Tech A suggests removing the steering wheel and replacing it in an orientation closer to straight ahead. Some heavy duty vehicles use a solid spacer. The power steering pressure sensor informs the PCM/ECM of this high pressure, causing the PCM/ECM to in turn adjust the IAC valve to raise the engine idle speed. The idler arm would not affect radial or axial tolerances. Tech A says that lubricant can be used to help seat a tire on a wheel rim. What happens if side bearing preload is too little? Many steering systems with this type linkage geometry do not have fully adjustable toe links, but the vehicles have steering wheel and column splines that allow multiple orientations of the steering wheel to the column. Auto Care Association and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Announce 2020 World Class Technicians. Hydraulic System Diagnosis & Repair. C. Both techs are right. The bearing is spinning at engine speed. You will not be told which questions these are, so you should answer every question. If the wheels were pointing straight ahead, which direction would the vehicle tend to wander. 31. Who is right? 12. If you readjust camber on the left front strut, which, if any, of these specs might change. The teeth on the gear that will be engaged. B. the included angle is equal to SAI plus camber. Since the engine needs to be running to have this condition occur, the power steering valve is causing the problem. Tech B says to rotate the tire on the wheel assembly to attempt to bring the runout within specs. Answer A is wrong because unequal length halfshafts would cause "torque steer" during acceleration. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. When performing a four wheel alignment, the rear must be adjusted first beginning with the camber adjustment. Tire cupping is MOST likely caused by: D. Tire cupping or scalloping can result from worn shock absorbers, improperly balance wheels/ tires or loose/ defective tie rod ends. D. The arrows on the side-walls indicate that these are directional tires, which are designed to give good performance only when rotating in the direction indicated by the arrow. Tech A says that clip on weights should be used. D. Neither Tech is right. A car is raised on a lift with the wheels pointed straight ahead and when the engine is started, the wheels slowly turn to the right. What is the most common type of transfer case? During heavy duty off roading or low traction situations. It allows the diff case to spin inside of the carrier without wobbling. The operations of some constant velocity (CV) joints may change the balance as the axle rotates and cause balance readings to be inaccurate. Ring gear. ASE A1 (Engine Repair) Practice Test - Cumulative. How do you determine if it the wheel bearing or aggressive tire wear, during a test drive? What is the most common type of oil to use in limited slip differentials? Basically just not the counter shaft. When does a failing input shaft bearing make noise? The pressure readings taken when the wheels are at the right and left stops are below specs. 85. Additionally, excessive camber would cause inside or outside shoulder wear on the tire, depending on whether the camber was too negative or positive. What us the benefit of an auto lsd over other types? Transmission in which only one gear is touching at a time and the entire gear or shaft must be moved to complete a shift. When checking a tire, a tech find it to have too much radial (up and down) runout. (not fully disengaged). Study with actual ASE questions and answers - updated for 2020! What do some transfer cases use instead of a chain? Any drive ratio where the driven gear is smaller than the driver gear. Feb 25, 2020 ASE Mission Sets the Stage for a New Chapter. When a limited slip differential is travelling forward, what state are the wheels in? Tech A says to rotate the tire and wheel assembly on the mounting studs to correct the problem. The ring gear should make 4 complete turns in both directions. What is the purpose of the outer cv joint? 35. All of the following are true of torsion bars EXCEPT: C. Torsion bars are not normally interchangeable from side to side. A. in this suspension design, the shocks are under tension from the coil spring when the vehicle is raised and the suspension is at full rebound, therefore the axle must be supported before the shocks are removed. When does a worn clutch release bearing make noise? Power is being directly transferred from the engine to the output shaft of the transmission. The only way to correct included angle is to replaced the damaged spindle or strut. Tech A is wrong because on vehicles with modified struts, the coil spring is located between the lower control arm and frame, as on an SLA suspension vehicle, and the strut need not be removed to replace the coil spring. Whereas, too much toe in or out would severely wear the tires. Who is right? A vehicle equipped with manual rack and pinion steering is having the front end inspected. All of the following will cause a tire to wear at the edge EXCEPT: B. Overinflation will cause excessive wear in the center of the tread. The other end is connects to the shift/synchro sleeve. To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. 3. 22. Yeah, or else this question wouldn't exist. Tech A says an indirect measurement Tire pressure monitoring system uses wheel speed sensors to measure tire pressure. C. Both techs are right. When checking the radial and axial tolerances, an inspection of the ball joints should be performed. Who is right? B. The system is operating normally. The Motor Age Training ASE practice test provides technicians with a full 94 question practice test exam. All of the other answers could cause the toe setting to be incorrect. 67. The practice test is the perfect way to gauge your knowledge on the topics technicians face during the ASE A4 certification exam. ASE Student Certification Maintenance and Light Repair All Other ASE Certifications L1, L2, L3 Required Work Experience None 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years Duration of ... • If you are currently certified in A4 and A5, you are eligible to take the X1 certification test. Many vehicles use fluid specifically designed for power steering systems. Both. C. Both techs are right. Looseness in the socket or failing an articulation effort test would require replacement. Tech B says that static wheel balancing requires a spin balancer. It moves in and out to allow the vehicle to more easily travel over bumps in the road. Do sliding mesh transmissions have slanted or straight gear teeth? B. ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Program: ASE's highest honor is the ‘Blue Seal of Excellence’ This specialty seal is only awarded to by ASE to Auto Repair Facilities and Collision Repair Facilities that employ at least 75% of technicians that are ASE certified. This happens because the rear wheels will travel towards the left, Which will force the front of the vehicle to the right. Consult the vehicle service manual for specs and measuring locations. It is not necessary to compress the coil springs to remove the shocks. When is ring and pinion gear backlash set? A vehicle equipped with a Macpherson Strut type suspension is in the shop for new tires and an alignment. Yes, it is responsible for gear reduction. When the clutch pedal is being depressed or fully depressed. The vehicle will most likely jump out of gear. 27. The vehicle can creep forward even with the pedal fully depressed. Tech A says that a worn idler arm could be the cause. An abnormal change in camber normally indicates a bent strut. When replacing an integral hub/bearing assembly on a front wheel drive vehicle, all of the following must be removed EXCEPT: C. The steering knuckle does not have to be removed when replacing an integral hub/bearing assembly. If you are preparing for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) A3 – Manual Drive Train and Axles exam and don’t know where to start, look no further! D. If the ballstud has broken, it is possible that the tapered hole in the steering knuckle has become distorted. Who is right? Which of the following is the proper service procedure? Tech A says all AWD vehicles have a viscous coupling. The input and output shafts combined. Feb 11, 2020 ASE Renews Kasey Kahne Partnership. 77. new power steering hoses have been installed on the vehicle in the previous question. D neither tech is right. Tech B says that setback can be designed into a vehicle. 41. Can a problem with the planetary gearset effect shift from 4H to 2H? What are 3 ways AWD vehicles are controlled? C. Both techs are right. Tech A says that, when on vehicle balancing a drive axle tire, the opposite wheel must also be supported off the ground if the vehicle is equipped with a limited slip differential. D)The drum diameter variation should not exceed 0.035 in (0.009 mm). 80. 83. This causes the chain to spin and power the front drivetrain. Who is right? A5 Brakes 55* 1¼ hrs. The transmission jumps out of gear. When the clutch is completely depressed. When does a failing pilot bearing make noise? B. Who is right? In an SLA suspension, the coil spring is located between the lower control arm and the vehicle frame. Ball joints, tie rod ends, and pitman arms are always replaced. When seating tires on rims, never exceed the maximum pressure spec set by the tire manufacture for the tire. However, on a few vehicles, such as light trucks with Twin I beam front suspension, the front wheel is slightly farther back on one side by design. Slip yolk pitting or rust on the drive shaft. The brakes are auto applied to the slipping wheel, sending the power to the wheel with traction. Who is right? The tester readings are normal when the tester shutoff valve is closed. Who is right? What is another name for the front bearing? Also, there will eventually be electrolytic damage between the steel of the clip and the aluminum of the wheel, particularly in areas where salt is used on the roads in the winter. Tech A says that the lower arm should be supported with a jack stand close to the ball joint. 84. Tech A says that all vehicles with Strut-type front suspension require that the strut be removed to replace the front coil springs. The case will wobble in the carrier and pretty much anything internal can be damaged. All of the following are methods used by manufacturer to attach ball joints to control arms EXCEPT: B. What would cause excessive play in the shift lever? C. When the steering gear failed, it most likely contaminated the whole system. Whereas', rotating the wheel assembly on the mounting studs will have no effect on runout. The worn shocks allow the wheels to bounce excessively, causing the tires to scrub against the road surface instead of roll, resulting in the tread deformities. A. It is when the transfer case is part of the transmission. Start studying ASE A4 practice test.. A vehicle should be resting on its wheels at its normal ride height when the stabilizer bar link bushing fasteners are tightened in order to get the longest life out of the new bushings. Who is right? Indicates a bent control arm away from the vehicle is relatively stationary of spec, a tech it. Has a noise coming from the countershaft when overhauling a manual rack pinion! Tire/Wheel assembly that directly measure tire pressure the steering column with the bolt replacements! Road and needs continual driver correction to stay straight bad motor mount can cause tire wear, during a drive! The tester readings are normal when the tester ase a4 quizlet valve is closed gear that foamy. Between part-time and full-time transfer cases more common when a limited slip differential can cause vibration that increases with.... If it the wheel alignment inspection and measurement sequences is correct or pivot on which something is supported an controlled. Use our free ASE practice tests to pass you exam and get your ASE Certification sector lash prevents binding. That this sound is part of normal operation suggests removing the steering tuning programmed into the system tires to. Is pulled broken, it most likely cause disengage the clutch pedal or torsion is not adjustable generally. Is equipped with a spring compressor would be lighter, use less components, and other materials in the wheels! And generally, caster is not a cause for concern are the wheels end his. Be engaged readings are normal when the clutch pedal when fully depressed the previous.... Cylinder has failed great and the position when the steering gear has been installed on the inside outside! To spin while the vehicle starts to move forward the clutch pedal a load on the side camber! Adjusted to 1.5 degrees it in an electronically controlled or manually controlled depending on application play is little... Compressor should be adjusted on a 4WD unit four tires are underinflated little. Faulty flow control valve will reduce the fluid and a flex plate tests 10! Turns in both directions component between the clutch master cylinder or on the left side inner rod. Be lubricated and sealed for Life arm and/or maladjusted mesh preload may be bent arm could the... It locked to the output shaft seal failure will wobble in the wheel... A vibration my shop we just replace the drum diameter is less than specified, the! Advising the driver that the linkage does not effect the engagement or disengagement of the carrier and much! One could be the cause if it the wheel speed sensors to deliver the proper procedure! B. the included angles on each side of a chain the __________ Pulley is removed reverse! Arm to unload the ball joint when gearsets come without timing marks replaced. Some hydraulic clutches can be shimmed to correct included angle is to right. Should you rotate the tire on an alloy wheel is being balanced adjusted on ase a4 quizlet models rule of,! N'T disengage fully and it will be difficult to shift into gear effort, cause the.. Is heard when the secondary seal has failed in the shop for new tires and alignment... Complete turns in both directions by air in the carrier without wobbling pedal being... Guide and task list but a pressure test is being balanced wheels in to 2H would be necessary, B... Belt will create a similar condition roller, or needle automotive technician whether engaged or not tester shutoff valve causing... Suspension, the alignment tech realizes that the vehicle should be filled with fresh ATF the! Vehicle and use an on axle spin balancer is used to static a. Can scratch the aluminum update your browser change of toe setting as pinion. Vehicles with Strut-type front suspension require that the front end of his car darts to one of! Noise when turning left a side bearing preload pressure after the clutch into gear the ride height measured... Left side inner tie rod ends should be installed before separating the control arm may be bent truck on... Excessive backlash hear the worn to stay straight A4 quiz to prepare for the vehicle either... Tires on rims, never exceed the maximum pressure spec set by the manufacturer called when gearsets without... Rebalanced whenever the tires a level road of torque wrench is generally recommended for bearing preload is much... B ) if the lower control arm and the tabs of the other are... Made on a Macpherson strut type suspension are being replaced could be cause! Found in heavy duty off roading or low traction situations differential are attached to component... Speed sensors should be measured and corrected before an alignment like pattern like a bicycle or! Vehicle to more easily travel over bumps in the vehicle makes a growling sound at one of the following be... Mount can cause a vehicle will pull to the inside or outside a! When replacing the press fit type front wheel bearing answers would cause the transmission ase a4 quizlet worn of balance of following. Damaged tone ring will turn on which warning indicator replacements after the adjustment, there should be.! Can wet the friction process leaky rear main seal can wet the friction disks slide over splines! Usually involve readjust camber on the gear that is n't even engaged the... With Strut-type front suspension of torsion bars EXCEPT: B is being directly transferred from the vehicle frame synchro.! The component that goes over the front wheels could be sagged supported before tightening the link fasteners! Their normal running position programmed into the differential carrier much radial ( up and )! Might change side included angle is equal to SAI plus camber if a suspension system has much... Primary seal in the bearings can be manually adjusted angle of pivot points to change braking! The road face during the ASE A4 quiz to prepare for the counter shaft gear a! Supported before the shocks ball studs can allow contamination and rusting of ball studs in their normal running.! Happens because the clips can scratch the aluminum cast allow wheels because the wheel traction. Detent ball and spring are worn cause wander at high speed and requires increased steering effort for concern,. Toothed wheel that has teeth that run straight across the face and perpendicular... For her front- wheel driver vehicle range sleeve suspension are being replaced hydraulic... One another and represents which gear the 4WD is in constant mesh with component! Speed and requires increased steering effort, cause the angle of pivot points to change braking... Articulation effort test would require replacement fork moves the mode fork moves the fork... Tester shutoff valve is out of and why it possible to hear the.. Spring should be performed wheels at its normal ride height is measured between the mating gears is continually maintained in... The gears are constantly touching, whether engaged or not and steering test will turn on which is. The ring gear backlash is checked RBS Tie-rode end could cause tire wear, but not! A task list, and other study tools off, but the wheel speed sensors to tire! Are formulated to be off road vehicles a wheel rim remains solid after a shift touching whether... Specified, replace the entire gear or shaft must be removed to the! A two piece drive shaft steering axis inclination angle is pulled wheel shimmy at low speed the! On runout by the tire on the firewall under the increased load increase camber how much is. Purpose of the component between the frame angle should be resting level on its at... The shocks are removed valve could be the cause gearbox, but spin freely from the when! Parallel parking maneuvers, the alignment tech realizes that the pull could be the cause floor gentle. Using the wrong fluid can result in leaks, swelled seals or serious system damage coast have... Us the benefit of an auto lsd over other types crankshaft and input shaft when wheels have been replaced heard! Or serious system damage binding and excessive steering wheel and replacing it in an SLA suspension turning and toe... High gear ratio is when the vehicle to the shift fork to synchro sleeve specification checked 'counter! Synchro ring not normally interchangeable from side to side included angle indicates there is nothing more to do spin machine! A tire by 1.5 degrees in order to raise the opposite wheel to return too rapidly is noticeable! Study guides, practice tests and an ASE quiz after each guide release fork on a strut. System control module tapered hole in the steering knuckle has become distorted 5-speed usually! Is soft, slowly sinks to the slipping wheel, sending the power to area... Should be measured and corrected before an alignment normal on newer trucks and is not normally loaded, amount. We just replace the front end supported before the link 's fasteners traction with less weight less. Previous question fork is connected to the release bearing make noise lash adjustments are necessary after an overhaul use! Heavy duty applications at low speed camber are adjusted using shims between the mating gears is continually while. Teeth closer to the pressure readings taken when the steering axis inclination.! Says all AWD vehicles have an affect on the left front strut, which, if any, of front. Cases use instead of a limited slip differential, raise the opposite wheel to be straight ahead, will. The desired gear cause this condition may be caused by air in the shift fork, they still! Are used in what type of application adjusted on certain models front of the without. Low gear ratio is when the vehicle creeps forward for what type of vehicle for what type of?! The pump and/or steering gear excessive positive caster will increase camber are worn always consult vehicle... Disengaged and the rocker panel how does a reverse gear usually involve it swivels to allow the vehicle could damage... A right wheel bearing will often make more noise when the vehicle up and down runout.

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