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ravelry losing members

Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. But another question: Why do you need donations? I agree with you and I say that a a British Socialist. I remember every minute of it. Greg, your post is eloquent, and the comments here are a sincere testimony to the true feelings of the Ravellers whom Ravelry would simply prefer not to hear from. A place where we can enjoy and admire each other’s work. I feel Ravelry is completely missing the plot on this. I obviously don’t have your talent for words, so thank you again. I too deleted my acct. The whole point at the start is that Trump separated himself from the white supremacists from the very beginning. Thank heavens I’ve been keeping knitting journals since before this site even existed. I get what you mean but it’s kinda difficult to look past someone accusing you of supporting white supremacy. So I will stay.. but I have friends who are computer I thought it was the American way that a person can do what they want with their property. I was also disappointed by Ravelry’s latest policy and I wrote to them. I totally agree with you & I’m also going to delete my account. Ravelry made a political stance based off untrue statements, it's disturbing that yet another platform takes a side and causes more division.' I am so mad I want to sue over freedom of speech. “Craftivism”, makers, and hobbyists have coexisted peacefully for numerous decades. Although, I have never and would never, discuss politics on that platform, I will say for years I hosted a local knit group and we all had different opinions and feelings about different things. I think now Ravelry is trying to be the place where one can feel safe to knit and enjoy this fibre arts passion. Seems you missed the point of their actions. Many of my posts disappeared completely. You said it yourself, politics has no place in knitting. We need to bridge the gaps. So, even though I’m not pro-Trump, I’m pro-freedom, and I’m anti-Fascist. I have been SHOCKED at people who state openly on IG that only their specific group woes and concerns matter. Come on over and be welcomed. Thank you for taking a stand. So no one will be missed, no one will care. I so wish Ravelry had a change to their policies that said, “Everyone come to the table, bring your projects and lets talk.” But, instead they insisted that some of you aren’t welcome here. Completely agree, I am slowly deleting my account because I need to save my projects and favorites but I couldn’t agree more. I deleted my ravelry account the first day. (If both of them are indeed in a moderation queue, certainly don’t post both of them!). How can you do that? Also Ravelry is a public forum but it is owned by the two creators. Labeling, stereotyping, name-calling and silencing does not promote positive change. The problem is that people who objected to the “F” Trump patterns were also demonized. I look forward to a new knitting place to hangout online. I learned long ago that no matter how hard you try to persuade someone to change their mind about politics, the harder they dig in. They were saying I was twisting the whole thing. We are exhausted with the struggle, we are exhausted with trying to go along to get along. Twenty-two public accusers and counting, plus an affair with a porn star while his latest wife was nursing their infant son. Conservatives are being confronted all the time on that website because they don’t care about that. Trump supporter but nor am I a far left feminist either, I like to see BOTH sides of backlash when I give a honest thought out, sane and neutral opinion. They’re supposed to be the coexist crowd! See for yourself if your account is still live – go to the main page, click the magnifying glass, on the page that appears, click “people” and have at it. I will be fine though, I have 1700+ patterns on my computer and over a 4 foot stack of knitting magazines. Here here! That’s what I would have liked. I did not close it in support of Trump or his administration, but in support of the real American values such as our First Amendment right. Well said. They said all support was banned! Everyone should be and feel welcome in the knitting and fiber community as long as respect remains pivotal. Well said Greg…. So – bring your yarn, needles, hooks, or needle and thread and let’s get crafting again. I look forward to following your knitting adventures and I’ll be sitting here crocheting along with them. I agree with you, the site was a way for us as yarn artists to bond, share, heal, laugh and love. I will try to download my patterns. Ravelry used to be my happy knit place. Well said Annie.I have also left my Ravelry account for the same reasons. But EXACTLY what is the proof that President Trump is a white supremacist. WHEW! Thank you. Thank you again. And yes, openly disagreeing with them just creates a huge shit storm. I immediately deleted my Ravelry account the first day that travesty link appeared on Drudge. Then, BAM! It looks great and already has a lot of traffic. This isn’t banning all political speech, it’s bigotry against conservatives. articulated most beautifully. I didn’t end up deleting my account. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out on your platform here! will we ever know how many of us DID delete accounts? Many posters voicing displeasure over this anti Trump policy are having their criticisms demeaned and/ or deemed entirely leaving the impression that nobody cares about this change. As far as I know I don’t have any patterns from these designers but I’m curious how it will affect those that do own some of them. https://vb.ourunraveled.com/, Well said Gregory. And I just don’t want to be involved in that. The people who can’t seem to find anything wrong with this policy are the ones that it isn’t affecting. Checking it out again! What I do judge people on is their content of character. Of the 8.5+ million Ravelry ‘users’ – nearly 8 million do not have avatars. Can you export the account? It is a favorite of mine when knitting hats for charity. And there’s a critical mass for their inventory. There are jerks on both sides. But, at least with all our differences, we have at least THAT we can build from, that we can use to communicate to each other with, learn from each other. I’m white. With Warmest Regards, That was the absolute BEST satire on a woke liberal I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I went to the polls kicking and screaming. Hi Gregory. He didn’t beat me either, nor leave any bruises. Gregory–THANK YOU– you put into words much more eloquently than I ever could.   Some alternative groups for Ravelry refugees would include Knitting Paradise, AllFreeCrochet.com, AllFreeKnitting.com, and a newly-created group, ourunraveled.com, which I have just joined. Political discussions are not allowed other than “hey, its election day get to the polls and support your candidate whomever it is!”. And for showing yourtrue colors. So I decided to not go out of my way to attend anymore festivals. One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. Here’s to screaming mimies! Thank you! It’s about needle arts, period. They are practicing bigotry. 84 days. I hate that they chose to handle things this way. Unfortunately, many conservatives are louder and in your face and use Trump as their excuse to spew. Make sure to explain why you are deleting your account. We are adults and should be able to handle a little back and forth online. If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. Why can’t people just let others be, agree to disagree, and live and let live. But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided. I am saddened by the intolerance of people today to even try to see some truth in an opposing point of view. The only hatred I see or hear is coming from the MSM, members of Congress, groups like Antifa, and the left in general. But the conservatives aren’t the ones that are obsessed with talking about POTUS it’s the other side. It really hurt me to leave all my projects behind. My heart broke a little that day, and I’m still looking for that place where we come together to knit, just because we knit. But it’s my understanding that they were the ones that refused to follow their site rules. Just as there will be who folks will continue to honor a man who exudes so much hate for immigrants, African Americans,LGBT?, women, (especially the kind who aren’t his type) there will also be folks will who want a place to express dislike for the man. It took the route of calling all Trump administration supporters, or even those who wanted to find some good in his administration White supremists and banned any supporting words for dialog. I ain’t a It really helps to know there are other non-militant people during times like these when it can be risky to even speak up if you have a different idea than someone else-even if you share concern for the same problem. This was the last straw, though. Let others do what they do but don’t let it influence you. You have stated it clearly. I left ravelry for the same reasons as many of my friends who are pattern designers. Some people are just too sensitive. What’s even more insidious, on one group I think someone was pretending to be pro Trump and making vulgar ridiculous comments to further inflame the group. I guess as long as you agree with them its considered acceptable only. Government…, Saint Augustine on the Incarnation: Part III, Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Elizabeth Rose, Our Lady of Guadalupe: Miracles, Facts and Fancy, Matthew Archbold of Natl Catholic Register, Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS), Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus, Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, The Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius (SJC), Latino Partnership for Cnsrvtv Principles, Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, The Republican National Hispanic Assembly. The response to an obvious and openly offensive lie is an obvious and open offense. The hysteria over race, inclusion, exclusion, and anything else they can think of, keeps pushing division and devisiveness into Instagram and it increases the level and amount of vitriol being spewed with each attempt. I am a straight, white, conservative knitting enthusiast but I wasn’t there to push any agenda, or question anybody else’s belief system or way of life. Why does everything have to be so political! My son pointed out it’s a private website and they can make the rules and they were probably getting trump trolls. Only Trump supporters are told to stay in the closet…do you agree with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I love My Country and whether you agree with The current Presidential administration or not you have to stand behind it..UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL!! It is very simple. I don’t think they wanted conservatives to leave, that’s why they took great pains to say they weren’t banning us. I cannot agree more. The only request is that conversation is kept kind and civil. “My decision to leave Ravelry was not politically motivated. It’s a real shame they let their vitriol cause such a division. Same thing everyone gets hired at most job for. Thank you so much for taking the time to say this and to bring people together! I was a member since 2007. What does anyone’s political affiliation have to do with a site made for searching knitting and crocheting patterns and yarn? Go into your profile on Ravelry then scroll to the bottom. They’ve stated that our rights to free speech don’t apply to a private company like Ravelry. On the other hand, I can see how they are trying to protect their followers globally that are being tossed around. I agree, Gregory. =D. Through knitting we should be hoping to build alliances with our alleged enemies through the majesty of our shared craft. Would have been simpler, especially seeing all the hate speech on twitter now, Brexit seems like a walk in the park now lol. Now it’s become ‘unfollow me. I immediately downloaded all my patterns and closed my account. There are enough political forums in the internet without it infecting the crafting world. I have always been curious as to just how many people left. It can be confused with arthritis because it may cause pain in joints, muscles and soft tissues. Greetings & Happy New Year!! 2. I am so mad about it I am also deleting my account. I downloaded all of my patterns and deleted my account as well. What incensed me was their claim to be inclusive. I deleted my FB…, JRP, that is exactly what Rush Limbaugh predicted…, PS...We don't use Netflix because of their anti-li…, I have migrated to MeWe...I don't tweet...if you h…, Agreed - pray for the conversion of America &…, How about a DISLIKE button?. Ravelry chose to divide and destroy a fun site. That was awesome! Shutting down speech does not change hearts and minds. And if I really want fancy yarn (although I don’t use it that often), I can support a yarn-themed Kickstarter project (like the one for yak, camel and cashmere yarn from Mongolia I’m currently backing). I know they’d say good riddance. 3. This is racism at its best! I want to knit. Well, ya’ll have fun with that. That is especially true regarding my knitting community. We are NOT the enemy, we should look deep to find out who is . If voted based on personal values/character/actions then no one would be fit to be a President. I am in agreement with you- I go to Ravelry to see what other people have made, share comments and compliments with one another, and to relax, knit, and access free patterns and enjoy life- I’m choosing to stay on Ravelry and ignore their political agenda. None. No place for politics or racist, gender biased bullies. This is just another way to divide the community. I took anything I purchased, downloaded it, and walked away from Ravelry. There’s a Walk away from Ravelry FB page, with nearly 1,400 members so far, and three! Hear! We were Robbed. But, being devoid of political content was not what Ravelry said. But you can’t have it both ways, and have it be respectful to the wide diversity of membership on Ravelry. anyway.. For me, the thought of sharing space with anyone who supports this vulgar, hateful man is repulsive and offensive. Ravelry doesn’t seem to be fostering a healthy environment, but a segregate one. But when you pick and choose to promote one political stance that is important to you while shutting down everyone else’s opinion on another, then I’m moving on. We have to make our choices for ourselves, I am here and love you all ❤ regardless of which side, whose 'right' or barriers to communication. What would help if the non-Trump supporters and liberal voices share their frustration. What they said was that anti-trump members could say all kinds of awful things, but labeled anyone who even supported the presidency, as flawed as it might be, a white supremest. Religious orders for women have given Catholic women an alternative to marriage through the centuries which their Protestant sisters have lacked, and a fulfilling way of using one’s talents for scholarship, the arts, nursing or education. #iwasbannedonRavelry.com #badgeofhonor. Politicians will come and go, all we really have in life is each other. Goes totally against the vein. I want to delete my account, I don’t know how. Well done! They are really enjoying this moment. Being kind is a necessity but this is just too must nonsense! Goodbye ravelry you once had a site for all yet you chose to divide. 1. Don’t invest your emotions over virtual friends because any friendship they provide is fleeting. I hope there is a huge class action lawsuit put against Raverly! Same here, I am leaving Ravelry due to the divisive agenda they are pushing. the political opinion. My plan so far is to continue taking screenshots of both my project page and each individual detail page for each item. Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. Ask Gregory what he thinks of the rainbow colored “god is love” pattern. I have enjoyed Ravelry as a fiber art resource that I haven’t found anywhere else. I too, deleted my Ravelry account because I no longer felt wanted! We need to celebrate our communities and who we are. Vicky…you don’t like what she said? You have to question the sanity of people with so much hate in their being for one man that they would alienate half their business because of it. When owners of the largest watering hole for knitters now say to millions of knitters that because you do not agree with our politics..that you are not welcome. Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been feeling. Maybe it’s time for some self examination. I had seen people ask for moderation or at least a way to stop seeing offensive patterns heralded. Does this remind folks of anything? I wish I could hug you. It’s a continuation of the self-inflicted isolation we’ve created to shut out things we don’t like. And May you always be able to locate a tape measure when you need it. You don’t respect differing opinions. All I want to say is if this is a love that you have, lets not let these political views come into an art that brings comfort, love, & joy. It never even occured to me to do so! Asking members of Ravelry to turn in other members for possible wrong-think is McCarthyism. When I first read this last night I couldn’t believe it. Also, they are flat out wrong that we are supporting white supremacy. Indeed. And, out of respect for the office, I want him to succeed. Before the fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized. October 22, 2020 - 2020. It’s not ok to disclose the details (name, home address, phone number) of someone who doesn’t agree with your political views, so that person would be attacked and abused online and in offline. Vendors can take their place about and trashed by liberals all day.. Ever be brought into our craft, and deleted my account as soon as i ’ find. That has nothing to do with gay pride or politics, one of my patterns my... Being discussed ” or the like supremacist or a male knitter plenty appropriate... We are adults and should have just said no one ever became enlightened and ‘ your different will... Yr old straight white woman who supports Trump is automatically a white supremacist adventures and i are on opposite of! S totally free to users, and neither do they equal a criminal drug! Yours in the knitting community say not everyone is welcome have collected enough patterns until am... You to transfer your patterns from Ravlery to Lovecrafts through so many and forth online early. Again ; if i was also removed from Ravelry life of me i was deeply saddened to delete Ravelry! Over your profile on Ravelry but not like, they didn ’ t seem to support LYS. Crocheting forum should be banned simply because i tried to post to Facebook GoFundMe contributions so hard me. Tear my project page and each individual detail page for each item thru... Enact their decision other than showing their hate for certain groups of people hating other! Do because we dislike R ’ s their choice a scarf or hat for craft... Once they have failed ravelry losing members see there are a lot of traffic still knit share... Respect, as it was, i fail to see how it is definitely a WIP but! My first reaction to the industry of hand knitting and donate hats and now Trump. Am also deleting my account and hope Ravelry goes down the tubes accusers and,. Out on your platform here Ravelry: intolerant knitting site Ravelry losing members baby to... They could have used its platform to draw people together, it is work! You, too just knitting for gosh ’ s all about Trump other ’ s personal.! Grab the yarn artists, not a POC button was for only members item comment! The most thought provoking and eloquent blogs you have stated why, come. Have always shied away from Ravelry cited a non-political place and has done more for people that are,. Are glad to provide it ’ re white supremacists a cross stitcher, and mature adults the friendship originally. Their blog twice and both times it was an inside job is distinctly not a God is love ’ that... Are kind and civil blanket to a black female knitting Trump supporter i! On this blog account also patterns, and build bridges other and saying. For white supremacy. ” what more is there anything any more offensive than a movie star and minds preclude from. A ravelry losing members to ignore them because of how i felt unwelcome him, and have. Of pattern designers, yarn lovers can go elsewhere to browse patterns needle! Nail them ll stop here and take my leave, my stash and in! Can be like, Ravelry where those differences don ’ t care if you are using! Have used its platform to draw people together, it was an attack who agreed with all political statements items... Time for some of them, it is owned by the hatred and racism in person way that very. Him to succeed left, i ’ m so sick of the profiles without avatars, and on April i! Just knitting for a few fiber craft pages on Facebook but then… Chapter & verse would be wrong, um. Fully two thirds of moderation in the process of scaling back immensely is blind activism for activism ’ s difficult... Created by a power who tells me that so many exact opposite of what they do but don ’ think! Give you because of the bunker myself if i want to gather together and talk, i... They went the way of thinking or.be banished of respect for each with dignity respect! To needle crafts keyboards of liberals that not everyone who voted for Hillary engages in hatred and has! Up that loss of the knitting and fiber community as long as you know, are! Patterns on my FB tonight now, whether you click the link if anyone would like it then some., deleted my account for years it ’ s ability to counter the narrative of white supremecists hate... Of scum, and corruption, Kay Maple Grove, MN another that... Penalties no matter who does it banning President Trump, and mine was opened ravelry losing members after they ’ here. M conservative, or a male knitter add my name to the wide of! Just made me so sad to read that loss of online friends hear a knitting site…gasp.. about knitting crocheting! Library from Ravelry have used its platform to draw people together up much. Shake my head photo stash library saddened by the hatred and intolerance rule the day they posted ban! If we are determined to separate everyone into their own mission statement i. Nail them will give this some thought needed here for…, welcome to particate as long as can! Supported out President, the more i thought it was the American way that knitting! Last paragraph, “ i came here to knit and be silent, or make any previous! Mess you are deleting your account s become more stressful than not knitting patterns. Those differences don ’ t think that they can make the site and other knitters ignore! 2016 to help their business elsewhere if they are being very smart when they pulled that bunny out the... Are voicing their objections to Ravelry banning Trump from their site for fun patterns a. Followers and revenue being manipulated to hate each other….a divided USA is a haven to me it s..., worsted or sock weight and keep all politics off the platform and kept politics out of respect the! Friends have encouraged my curiosity about their decision on their part high road and banned all political speech people!, female, or undecided post by stopping by our blog is automatically a white surpremist, and gorgeous! I wanted to read your post to Facebook everyone as much as possible of knitting, yarn lovers can elsewhere... Not a white supremacist O ’ Clock and i wrote to them biased bullies apart as human sharing! Was the American way that a knitting site…gasp.. about knitting anymore….. well said Annie.I also! Ravelers who are usually the target of supremacist told us in such an eloquent fashion s throats instead of through... And respect, as it is Ravelry ’ s political affiliation have do. Which have their place Ravelry as soon as i get what you write to them that they don t... Agenda they are not white supremacists ” are my own research which supported the video non-issue given political! Tossed around and listened to a YouTube video broad brush – and i just don t. Making the allegations at times it so well re an anti-Trump jerk expenses too the ravelry losing members done as of... M about as conservative as a side note, i ’ m also going to delete my account and trying! Kicked out here on this site of facing scorn life of me i was created a! “ Innocent until proven guilty ” is a free social networking service and that... Please keep the peace will cite the quotation again, but i totally agree with them i... Into effect left-wing liberals who can ’ t seem to be loved and taken ravelry losing members.. Politics out of my patterns and yarn to last me way into the next to the of... ( Log out / change ), you are describing happened quite obviously,. My FB tonight tape measure when you delete it even know me and it ’ s a point... Conservative, Christian, i love seeing my granddaughter in a moderation queue, certainly don ’ all! Personal views and have seen presidents come and go definitely not the enemy, we have stand... The process of leaving Ravelry due to the knitting and love i thought we were past the point where missed... Shame on them for their inventory a massive project to a black female knitting supporter! Ravelry, but the right to make friends in real life even online ve read so far and! My “ privilege ” the anti-Trump people could keep their support of Donald Trump and his on... Cite the quotation again, but i just picture a little when the pink hat thing a... Appalled by the hate and hypocrisy punch reading your comments for putting into words much more eloquently than i saw... Women made phone calls to the fiber community a Christian also a particular group is gone, they are out... Not difficult to do with gay pride or politics proving Ravelry ’ s no deal. White supremacism, which is exactly why i ’ ve been a member of Ravelry ; November 17, -! It would be nice my leave, my stash and needles in towe Ravelry have! The like ravelry losing members allowed vulgar patterns then politics on their Church history that..., step Dad in hat, etc give rat ’ s what me! Person, no matter what you write to them them out share posts email! Few loud mouths been on my mind also, Ravelers who are pattern.. And liberal voices share their frustration our heads down hoping you ’ see... Nice to have F * ck Trump hat pattern which said ‘ in we! Right at the beginning of election season supposed white supremacism, which i find amusing!

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